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Vintage Watch UK are an authorised eBay affiliate and we are delighted to bring together for you an extensive range of vintage watches available on eBay along with some unbeatable savings!

Antique watches make a great investment or gift for someone special. An antique watch shows elegance and individuality often lacking in today's mass produced pieces, not to mention amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. Of course, the wristwatch as we know it today was developed several centuries ago, though suprisingly only became commonplace at the beginning of the last century. They are, of course, adaptations of the sundial which was used for thousands of years to tell the time in its various guises. Some wonderful examples of antique watches can be found on the market today, from silver Art Deco watches to gold and diamond watches. An antique watch makes a stylish addition to any jewellery collection. They are highly sought after and can only increase in value as they grow rarer and rarer. There are several kinds of wristwatch mechanism. Digital watches became popular in the 1980s though have lost favour today as the market returns to the classic beauty of the analogue dial. Most modern watches are powered by battery, though there are some kinetic and mechanical models available which keep ticking over all by themselves. Divers watches make a great gift for sporty types, not to mention being entirely practical for the less adventurous amongst us, alieving worries of water damage whilst shaving or showering. Some watches available today are solar powered - perfect for the environmentally responsible buyer.

Vintage Watches

Vintage watches are greatly sought after not only for the practical aspect of keeping time, but for their quality craftsmanship and stylish design. A well cared for vintage watch can reach thousands, even hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on brand and scarcity. Some of the most sought after makers are, naturally, Tiffany, Rolex and Cartier. Faberge produced some spectacular timepieces. Some lesser known, but highly respected, makers include Omega, Bucherer, Longines, Piaget, Girard Perregaux and Patek Philippe, to name but a few. Art Deco watches are very much sought after by collectors today and never go out of fashion with their subtle elegance and style. Some pieces feature precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The mechanics of high end wristwatches are often made from gold - an excellent material which, of course, does not tarnish. Occasionally, platinum watches come onto the market which again do not tarnish but tend to fetch much higher prices than gold, platinum being the most expensive metal in the world. These wrist watches are as relevant today, with the current fashion for white metal, as ever they were, and look simply stunning.

Originally, wristwatches were the remit of the well to do as the working classes could ill afford them. They were often worn not merely to keep good time, but as an ostentatious piece of jewellery denoting the wearer's status and wealth. Antique watches are not only a great investment and a beautiful piece of jewellery to be cherished. Each one is a little piece of history, be it from the Victorian era or the reign of Louis the XIV and Marie Antonette.

Retro Watches

When purchasing antique watches the buyer shouldn't be afraid to ask the vendor questions to get as clear a picture as possible as to the item's condition. The good news is that when you buy vintage watches online through auction sites like Ebay you can not only pick up an unbelievable bargain, but when you pay by credit card your rights as a consumer are protected, doubly so where you do so via Paypal.

Vintage watch collecting is a fascinating hobby, but be warned, it can be highly addictive! By collecting wristwatches not only are you seeking out great investments for the future, but you get the pleasure and practicality of being able to wear them today. Some collectors go for the retro look; some for earlier fashion eras. Pocket watches and nurses watches are highly collectible too and hold their value very well. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in some of these pieces is breathtaking. Oftentimes the mechanism inside is just as impressive as their oppulent exterior. Whichever style or era you're drawn to, we're pleased to offer a fantastic collection along with some great offers. Scroll down to view our showcase of vintage watches or click the links on the left to browse our categories. Our stocklist is updated daily so be sure to bookmark us. Scroll down to view our showcase of items available on eBay today and take advantage of some fantastic savings. If we don't have the perfect wristwatch here for you today, we're sure to have it tomorrow.

Antique Watches